Bike Across Europe 2017

Day 6 – Lecina – Sabaningo, Spain

66 miles.


We left at 1200 pm after a very cold night in the campground. We also left a bit hungry as we did not have any food left ( I had a few protein bars which we ate but we definitely could have used a few more calories). The sky was as blue as you can imagine and there were no clouds anywhere. It was another long day of a ton of climbing. We spent the day biking through the Parque National de la Sierra Canones de Guara. Over and over we kept saying how beautiful it was and that pictures would not do it justice. Some of the climbs were so steep that I unfortunately had to get off of my bike and push it up the hill! On the back roads we were passed by only two or three cars the entire day!  It was like we were biking on the moon!  We did not go through any towns for at least 40 miles! We did about 20 miles of climbing and got to the base of the Pyrenees. We took picture after picture but there was no way they will be able to take in the amazing beauty we were able to see.  This was one of those days where if I had not actually seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it was real! We had very little food and very little water so we had to be careful when we were biking all day.    After climbing two different mountain passes and ending up at around 3700 feet, we rode 12 miles downhill along a beautiful river. Our tiny road eventually turned into a larger road.  At this point we had not eaten in over eight hours and we had run out of water.  Somehow, once we hit this larger road, we were greeted by a run down shack that housed a panderia!   This was a HUGE relief.  We each ate three croissants with ham and downed three Fantas ( and fed some starving cats) and then we were on our way! We changed our route and decided to go north to a town called Sabinango.  As there were no campgrounds in the area, we opted for a small hostal. After a few days of camping and not showering, I was definitely ready for a shower and a bed.  Both Jeff and I were extremely dehydrated and I think I was suffering from a touch of heat exhaustion,We went to the local grocery store and got wine, salad, bread, and munchies all for $20.   It was fun getting a wine from the bodega Pineria because it is a winery we went by two days ago. Most of the wine in the grocery store was anywhere between two and three euros! One of the most amazing and scenic days of riding we have ever experienced in throughout our many trips to Europe!




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