Bike Across Europe 2017

Day 5 – Benabarre – Lecina, Spain


56 miles

We began the day by touring the small village and the castle. We left around noon and spent the next 9 hours climbing the mountain ranges that make up the base of the Pyrenese. So far this was the most SPECTACULAR DAY of riding. NO cars! We have been riding on tiny roads and there are just very few people that live ( or visit ) this region). We were treated to a magnificent view of the Pyrenese later in the day. So many WOW moments again today! Most of the day was spent riding in a dry, high chaparral type area with nothing around except small farming structures. Most of the day was spent riding in a protected national park. Stopped in the small village of Colunga and luckily there was a bar in town ( other than that there was nothing) and they served us a much needed coke! Temps were almost in the 90’s so both Jeff and I were feeing a bit of heat exhaustion. We arrived at another vacant campground at around 10 pm in a mountainous area. The small campground was in the middle of a forest and the nearest town was over 40 miles away! To say that we were in the middle of nowhere was an understatement! The campground was very tiny and did not have any running water but we were luckily able to find a hose. By the time we arrived ( 10 pm), the temps were in the low 50’s but I somehow managed to “shower” using the hose water that I poured into my water bottles. No dinner for us on tis night but luckily I had stashed some cookies and jeff had an old piece of bread and some peanut butter so that got us by for the night. I was also lucky enough to be treated to a bag of fresh plums from a couple from The Netherlands who also happened to be stuck in this campground ( I think we were the only souls within 100 miles of civilization)! A very cold sleeping experience due to the fact that the temps got down into the 40’s that night and I was only equipped with my summer bag! Yikes! I was also treated to a few spider bites. But it was all worth the tranquility of this camping experience (along a river nonetheless)!

2017-06-06 12.08.00-12017-06-06 12.08.192017-06-06 14.17.492017-06-06 14.33.31 HDR20170606_11395420170606_14121120170606_14383120170606_19152320170606_19153320170606_19513120170606_19554220170606_20014820170606_21225820170607_121709

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