Bike Across Europe 2017

Day 4 – Tremp – Bennabare, Spain



55 miles  –

We started the morning by gorging on chocolate croissants and bread and by 11 am we were ready to go. The owner of Hotel Alcatel, David, was awesome and gave us a list of national parks and “nature” hot spots to visit on our route west so we took his advise and headed towards Puente De Montana and Congost de Mont-rebei.  This national treasure is a gorge that is flanked by 250 feet sandstone and granite walls.  We rode through a high desert region and then had to ride five miles down into the gorge area.  There were about 50-60 people in the entire park!  It was spectacular! The day started out at 54° but once we reached the high desert on the gorge it was well into the 80’s.  The rangers at the gorge park held our bags for us and we were able to do a 4-5 hour hike above the gorge! We left the hiking area at 730 pm, climbed a few hundred feet, and after 2.5 hours of riding eventually reached the small village of Benebarre where a beautiful castle sat on top of the small town. We were able to stay at the town campground ( zero people!)  We had expensive but nice meal. We are now in the Aragon region instead of Catalunya.  Another GORGEOUS day of riding!




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