Bike Across Europe 2017

Day 2 – Tarrega, Spain – Tremp, Spain



Jeff and I decided over breakfast that instead of going due west to the coast, we would change up the trip a bit and go north west into a Unesco World Heritage Region called Le Conca de Tremp.  This region is a mountainous region sitting at the base of the large Pyrenees mountain range ( the Pyrenees lie just to the north) and it is known for its dinosaur remains, huge gorges, and lightless skies.  The region hosts the largest amount of fossilized dinosaur remains found anywhere in Europe and is listed in the top 5 of all places in the world to stargaze ( this is the main reason why it is a UNESCO site).

We unfortunately started this day riding in the rain. We were able to ride on semi carless roads for the first hour but the rain made the ride a bit harder than it needed to be.  Unfortunately, I was not prepared for the amount of climbing we had to do today.  I decided to not listen to my wonderful husband earlier in the morning and just assumed that he had read the topo map wrong. We ended up having to climb 3500 feet in about a 4-5 hour time period.  It took us over 5 hours to go 40 miles!  Luckily the rain did not last and we were able to do most of the climbing without having to deal with wet roads.  In order to get to our destination, we had to ascend to the top of at least one Col ( mountain top) but the view from the top and being able to ride through the valley below was well worth the effort.  We made it into the small town of Tremp at around 6 pm and spent at least an hour in a tiny market trying to find something to eat before we both decided to just try to find a cafe that was open.  Since most restaurants in Spain do not open until 9 pm ( yes you read that right ), we had to settle for a small cafe that was at least serving Bocadillos and potatoes. While eating, a huge thunderstorm moved in and we decided that camping was once again not going to be an option.  So, we headed to the small hotel across the street from our cafe. The hotel owner turned out to be a wonderful young man, who coincidentally hated Trump, so we decided to stay.  Tomorrow is not looking good for riding as there are supposed to be storms all day 😦

Day 3 – Stuck in Tremp due to rain  !  UGH

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