Bike Across Europe 2017

Day 1 – Barcelona to Tarrega, Spain – 78 miles

Barcelona to TarregaWith our bikes ready and our feelings regarding the Orange Devil displayed prominently on our bikes for all to see, we left our coastal “barcelona airport” campground and began what would be come a VERY long ride! 10 hours of riding and 1500 feet of climbing eventually got us to the medium-sized town of Tarrega, Spain. We started out the day navigating through the densely packed “suburbs” of Barcelona and somehow made it out to the countryside without getting hit by a bus or a truck!  Spain is a country that, like France, reveres road cycling so we were passed by at least five or six road cyclists during the first half of the day ( all dressed as if they were riding in Le Tour!). We are in the Catalon region                 ( Catalonia) so there are two languages spoken here: Catalonian and Spanish.  Today’s ride was filled with medieval castles, medieval villages, car-less roads, and endless vineyards.  It it always fun to stop in these small villages for a Coke.  There are no such things as “mini marts” once you leave the big cities.  Only tiny cafes that serve Coke in a bottle for $1.50 ( a glass with a large cube of ice will usually run you an extra .25). We were forced to ride in the dark and did not get to our destination until after 10:30 pm.  The campground we had been aiming for was no longer in existence so we were forced to find a Pension/hotel.  Staying in a hotel was inevitable anyway as within five minutes of entering the town the skies opened and we were drenched.


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