Bike Across Europe 2017

Welcome back to Europe –for the 3rd time

This year our Europe trip will take us across Spain from Barcelona to San Sebastian, up the entire west coast of France, into Belgium and Holland, with a finish in Amsterdam . Total distance is estimated to be around 3500-4000 miles.  Our trip this year is also dedicated to standing in solidarity with most Europeans regarding their disdain for Trump ( and Americans in general).  We will be interviewing as many people as we can in the 5 countries that we will be visiting.  Our intent is to gain a greater understanding as to how Europeans really feel about Americans in the wake of the Trump administration!

We will also be displaying our feelings towards the wonderfully horrific Trump on signs which will adorn our bike bags!  Stay tuned for the actual pics of the signs on the bags.  We have created the signs in all of the languages for each country so that we can effectively communicate to our host countries the fact that THE MAJORITY of Americans hate the loser in chief.  Angela Merkel recently said that both France and Germany must now take the reigns as leaders of the free world and that America is a lost cause for now.  So much for making America great again!  Here is a preview of our signs ( in English)!

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