About Me




I am a self-proclaimed ultra-distance biking junkie who also believes that individual human beings CAN make a difference in saving our planet AND in changing the political agendas forced upon Americans by a democracy gone haywire.  My ultra-distance bike journeys are usually dedicated to raising awareness about plastic pollution. However, for the next two to four years, I will be riding in areas outside of the USA both to promote to other countries that the majority of American people do NOT support Trump AND to detail the thoughts of those from other countries on the USA now that trump is president. My rides usually involve 8 weeks or more of distance cycling.  Each trip consists of biking anywhere from 3000 to 4000 miles over the 8 week time period. As of June 2017, I have cycled over 40,000 miles in the USA, Europe, and bit of Canada.  In future years we will be adding Australia and Southeast Asia to the list!  Stay tuned.